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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions 

Information from the manager 

CIRILLA希莉亞」is operated by Jaying Biotechnology Co., Ltd. According to the member service conditions and further rules & notifications from this website, we offer some services.

If you have any questions regarding the service and products on the website, you can use member email or call the customer service on (03) 2873558 to get more information from our customer service staff. The service line is opened from Monday to Friday from 10:00~18:00 (weekends and holidays are excluded)

1. Agreement condition

(1) When accessing this website, it means you have already read and understood all the contents of service conditions. If you violate the service condition, we will cease your right of using the service at this website at any time.

(2) You agree that the company has the right to modify or change the content of these service terms at any time because of the operational needs. We will not notify you individually unless it has a significant impact on your shopping rights. Once the terms of service are revised, the company will publish the revised content on the website without further notice. It is recommended that you pay attention to such revisions or changes at any time. Once the revised service terms are published on the website, they will effectively replace the previous service terms. If you continue to use the services of this website after making any modifications or changes to these terms of service, you are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to accept all the modifications or changes.

(3) If you are under 20, please read, understand and agree to all the contents of service condition with your parents and the revisions as well as changes to continuously using the service on this website. You and your parents both agree to shop on this website, which is also the necessity for daily life and you do get the permission from your parents. When you keep on using this website, it means your parents have already finished reading and consented the content of the rules as well as all the possible modification here. 

(4) If you do not agree the service here in this website or disagree the company could have changed it at any time, or even your nations or areas exclude the content of the rules (or any part of it might be changed). Please stop using the service provided in this website. 

3. Using responsibility 

When using the service provided on this website, please make sure that do not work for other illegal purposes or using the website with other illegal intention. Please follow all the laws here in Taiwan and all the policy of using internet. Furthermore, it is necessary that you follow the rules down below, including:

(1) Do not using others’ name to browse on this website

(2) Do not use apps or other methods to manufacture application or collecting the files from this website to advertise or send the advertisements with other purposes.

(3) Do not use apps or other methods to interfere the website on operating properly or spreading the bugs on computer.

(4) Other behaviors that the company thinks is not reasonable

4. Your registration responsibility

In order to use the service in this website, you have to register to become the member and agree with the following statements

(1) Render your real, correct, latest, and complete information. (so called registration information)

(2) Upgrade the latest information regularly in order to assure the information is real, correct, latest, and complete.

(3) If you provide false, unreal, outdated or incomplete information, the company has the right to doubt what you just wrote and terminate your account. We can refuse part or complete access to the service on this website.

(4) You agree to guard your registration information and password, including but not only refer to giving your password to others, not sharing the password to others, and log out once not using the website here. Unless it is confirmed violated by the third party, you should be responsible for your log in and do not deny your transaction. 

(5) Once your account is used by others, please inform the company instantly to decrease the damage. The company will help terminating the account and clear the problems with you. In the end, we would assist you in resetting your account. 

(6) Everyone can only register one account on this website. If several accounts are set, the company does not need to be responsible for any loss from your violation. 

5. Personal information protection 

(1) Once you enter the website, shop or join the events here, we will record, collect, process, and utilize your information to complete the service and marketing purposes here. However, it does not include your IP and all the information that you have browsed. Regarding collecting personal information, please inform the rule in advance and read the privacy protection rule here on the website.

(2) The company follow personal information here based on the protection laws here, it will not violate your personal information. In those circumstances, your information might be revealed (partially or completely) 

2.1 Based on your agreement, talk to the third party

2.2 Related laws or administrated investigation or use with legal procedures

2.3 Once you violate the laws or Terms of Service, please inform the third party

2.4 Provide or complete the products and service that you required and share your personal information to the third party.

2.5 Based on public benefits or maintenance and improve the service on the management basis. 

(3) This website will perhaps enclose with some links or other promotion activities. When you click on the link or other website, it is not suitable for service terms and privacy policy. You should evaluate if the terms here can fully meet your needs here. 

6. Transaction terms

(1) You agree to use electronic records to show the meaning of this company for further use or shopping on this website. All the products name, price, content, and other information published on the website can be seemed as a part of the contract. This website will not change the product information and the content of the contract. If anyone modify the information, we will announce on the website.

(2) You can place the order by the quantity and the price of the products. Except for two days after placing the order, we can have the right to refuse the orders. Other than that, the company will confirm your orders after you finished your order processing and purchase information.  

(3) This website offers you several choices of delivery, including delivery service and store pickup. Please remind that the delivery fee varies from cities to cities around Taiwan. For more information,please go to delivery methods and introduction.

(4)   After you finish shopping here, please check the detailed order, price, and shipping method. Use the credit card that we offer on the website for the payment or cash on delivery as one of your payment methods.


5. If you need to use this website for products returned service, please note that within 7 days when you received the products, please take the initiative to contact customer service. Other detailed returned illustration and precautions, please read the introduction of products returned and refund on the website.


7. When you finish paying the bills, and the products are out of stock or cancelled so that they can’t be shipped right away. You agree that all the refund is responsible for the company to replace you in order to complete refunding process. Based on the rule on the tax authority, the seller must Issue the sales invoices. If the buyer plans to have refund processing because of the products, it is necessary to enclose the invoice based on the laws. Reporting the selling fee is able to charge off and process refund issue.

7. System security and service halting situation

The company is qualified to provide a reasonably secured and skilled technique to maintain the website operating successfully. If anything down below happens, the company is able to stop offering the service on the website completely or partially and we are not obliged to inform you in advance. Any encounter of the detriments either directly or indirectly based on this situation, the company is not responsible for these incidents. For the service shut down in an expected situation, the company will do the best to publish on the internet in advance before anything happens.


(1) Base on some hardware and software moving, renewal, maintenance, and repairing …… and so on, on the website.

(2) Natural disaster or other force majeure that result in the interruption 

(3) The external influence that results in the incorrect information, duplication, tampering, and deletion on the website.

(4) Service interruption because of the telecommunications shut down or other reasons that are not responsible for our company.

(5) Other situations that the company believes it has the need to shut down

8. Service interruption

If anything down below happens, the company can pause and terminate your shopping or service completely or partially at anytime. Moreover, it does not need to garner your acceptance. We do not need to take any responsibilities.

(1)    Using others’ account, information, credit card, and financial account to do the trade.

(2)   Based on ministry of administration and Judiciary

(3)   Your account is involved in illegal issue

(4)   Your unpaid and service related fee  

(5)   Violate the terms and other things. The company will base on the service terms to stop or terminate all or part of your service qualification.

9.   Customers argument process

If any argument related to shopping, you can contact our website for further notifications or complaints. Our company will be based on reciprocity and good faith principle to solve the problems.Our company will neither use electronic records to testify the truth nor exclude the customer protection law no.47 and civil procedure law no. 436-9 to apply on it.

If you have any arguments and consumer litigation, please go on the local court where you did the trade for further solution.


10. Intellectual Property protection

The software or application, all the content on the website,including but not limited to writing, images, files, information, website structure, arrangement of the screen on the website, web designing are all represented by the company and other right holders to have Intellectual Property based on the laws. Nobody is allowed to use, correct, remake, public spreading, edit, spread, release, publish, process and reverse engineering, decompilation,and reverse assembler. If you want or download the software, application or website mentioned before. You must get the written permission from the company or other right holders. If you violate, you must be responsible for liability for damage. (including but not limited to adjudication fee and the attorney fee.)


11. Trademark information

The trademark of CIRILLA as well the service and products on other website and this website, the service name (here we called trademark information)

12. Jurisdiction Clauses and competent court

The introduction and application in the term as well as the argument related to the term. It is all supervised by the law in Taiwan and Taipei district court.

According to personal information protection, please read the privacy protection policy.