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Privacy policy

Version : 2019 V.1

Welcome to CIRILLA from Jaying Biotechnology Co., Ltd In order to let you shop here comfortably with all kinds of service information. We are here to provide you with further privacy policy so as to safeguard the bilateral rights. Please read it clearly as follows:


(1) Personal information security

Protect members’ personal information is the most important corporate philosophy. Without the consent, we will not reveal any of your personal information to others. All the members should look after their password and personal information and do not give any of your private information, especially your password to others. After logging in on the website here, please remember to log out afterwards. If you are using the computer with others, please remember to close the browser.


(2) Personal information collect, processing and utilizing

The personal information from this website can only be used as planned here with the purposes scheduled before. Only if we have explained beforehand or worked with some related laws, we will not provide your information to others or use it with different purposes.

1.    Purpose of collection

The purpose of collection is for further processing

(1)   Marketing & business development ( Statutory items number 040 )

(2)   To customers and customer management and service ( Statutory items number 090 )

(3)   Statistics and research analysis ( Statutory items number 157 )

(4)   Online shopping and other e-commerce as well as investigation ( Statutory items number 148 )

Based on the order processing and registration, we are able to collect personal information

2.   Collecting personal information and sections

C001 personal distinction: such as name, address, telephone, email and so on

C002 finance distinction: such as credit card and information from financial institution

C003 personal description: such as gender, date of birth

3.   Using period, district, person and methods

(1) period: since you agree to become the member until you or the company stop the service

(2) Area: Taiwan ( including all the national islands )

(3) person and methods: this website and other enterprises collect altogether, collecting via the mutual activity



(3) Customers uses Computer-Processed Personal Data Protection Law to ask for the further authority from the company

1.    Search and reading permission

2.     Make and copy

3.    Supplement and corrections

4.    Stops collections, processing and utilization

5.    Asks for deletion


(4) In order to provide the best service, our company will set and put Cookie so that it can give the service that the members need. Cookie is the Web server to communicate to Member browser. It can randomly store the string in the computer to distinguish the users. If the members close the cookie, it might result in the failure of logging into the website and shopping cart.


(5) Data Protection

Your personal information protection is set in Taiwan and it is all being guarded by the laws in Taiwan and Taiwan Taipei District Court. We are all dedicated to protect your personal information and utilize moderate technique to help you guarding your personal information.


(6)   Revision of the Policy on the Protection of Private Rights

Following with market environment, the company is able to change the policy if it is needed. We will announce on the website once we have any modifications. If you disagree any upgrade and modification, please stop using the service we provide here. The privacy policy rule will inform the company to stop collecting, processing and utilizing your personal information. If the members have any questions regarding privacy statement and personal information, please contact customer Service 03-2873558 for further information.